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Beer-Con Update

Almost a month away from the BIG weekend, and we’re getting more and more excited each day. So much so, that I have had to take to naps in the day as the adrenaline from planning what I hope to be the BEST event in SD takes over.

With that said, we wanted to get you a couple updates that you may have missed on our always updated Social Media outlets. Facebook | Twitter


  • BREWERIES: Have you not seen the list yet? It’s nuts! It’s Sick! It’s jam packed with action! It’s got both old and new breweries. Also, did we mention that we’re working with the breweries to make sure we have some one there to answer your questions. That’s right! Your questions, about beer, hows it made, hell even the meaning of life. See the Full List of Breweries Here


  • SPEAKERS: If you’ve been chilling under a rock, you may not have seen the amaze-balls list of speakers we have this year. (Yeah I said AMAZE-BALLS so what) We have brewers that make beer, people that make films, people that help grow the industry, and even some people that I have NO IDEA how to describe what they do, but they are important. See the Full List of Speakers Here


  • PARTNERS: Everyone likes SWAG. Lucky for us, our partners love to GIVE swag away. We will say, we are STOKED to be able to hook everyone up with a $20 credit to get you home. See the Full List of Partners Here


That what we have as updates or more like reminders for this blog post. Make sure to get your tickets soon as early bird discounts will end.

- Michael

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