Beer-Con: Beer, Knowledge, Food, Swag

August 9th and 10th are around the corner. Two day tickets have sold out. Saturday only tickets are still available but going fast. With that said, we wanted to get you a couple updates that you may have missed on our always updated Social Media outlets. Facebook | Twitter

Friday August 9th: Everyone will be meeting at Societe, to jump in a couple vans, and head out to see some of San Diego’s awesome breweries. The current lineup consists of Manzanita, White Labs, Helms, Thron St, Modern Times and Coronado.

Saturday the 10th: It’s time to combine knowledge with the beer that we love. We’ll be learning about hte importance of quality, the growing marketing south of the boarder, the science behind beer, how to judge beer, make beer cocktails, all while enjoying some grub and beer through out the day.

Finally, that photo above, that’s there to give you a glimpse of the Swag that you’ll get by attending this years event.

Looking forward to seeing all you beer lovers soon.





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