Craft Beer Tasters Joins Beer-Con

We would like to formally announce that Craft Beer Tasters, LLC will serve as program presenters at Beer-Con 2013!

Their presentation?
Cervezas Artesenales:
The Rise of Baja California Mexico’s Craft Beer Community

Who are they? Dr. Q and Jerry

About Them:

“Craft Beer is many different things to many different people” (Brewer’s Association, 2012)… but it is up to you to define what Craft Beer means to you. Craft Beer Tasters was started with these thoughts in mind. The goal of Craft Beer Tasters is to demystify the Craft Beer Culture and help people ease their way into the Craft Beer scene. Culture? Yes, Culture. The Brewer’s Association defines The American Craft Brewer as “Small, Independent, Traditional”.

Staying true to the spirit of these words, Craft Beer Tasters is dedicated to honoring the integrity, innovation, and fun of The Craft Beer Culture. Whether we are visiting a brewery, a tasting room, a bottle shop, a bar, or restaurant we hope to share with you the stories of how real people made their dreams a reality.

Craft Beer Tasters is an online multimedia craft beer discussion. Our goal is to dymistfy the craft beer culture and report on the great experiences within the craft beer world using the following mediums: online website and blog, print media, graphic arts, video, and social media.

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