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Craft Beerd part of Beer-Con 2014

How you may ask? Not only has Rudy, Mr. Craft Beerd himself, helped with designs of flyers and contribution to the content of the sessions, but we’re going to be doing a LIMITED EDITION say what!?!?!??!?! T-Shirt for all attendee’s of Beer-Con. Keep up with the news for more details on the design, but till then here’s some details on the bearded homie.

Craft Beerd® is a beer art brand brewed from two passions: Craft Beer + Graphic Art.

Rudy is on a mission to drink great craft beer and make great beer art available in a world where I feel beer art is lacking.

His goal is to educate and enlighten those that drink fizzy yellow beer (i.e. only know about crappy beer art) and turn them into craft beer lovers (i.e. expose them to great beer art!)

When it comes to sharing the love and knowledge of craft beer, we can get on board for that.

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